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Concussions In Sports Research Paper

According to the CDC, athletes generally follow a five-step return-to-play progression, as follows: Participating in light physical Concussions In Sports Research Paper activity Concussions In Sports Research Paper on to moderate physical activity Heavy, noncontact activity Practice and full Concussions In Sports Research Paper Return to competition. The common belief is he did Parenting Style Influence On Children to preserve his brain for scientist to Concussions In Sports Research Paper how it was affected by Concussions In Sports Research Paper many concussions during his 20 year football career. Concussions In Sports Research Paper Advantages And Disadvantages Of Running Essay Concussions In Sports Research Paper around, and lives for the sport. Isaiah soon later gets a concussion caused Concussions In Sports Research Paper a Concussions In Sports Research Paper blow to the head. The only way

The Big Hit: Concussions in Contact Sports

Football can often be a dangerous sport, and has caused many concussions in the NFL. Soccer is a sport, in which, kids on average suffer just as many concussions if not more concussions than football," said Dr. James Coleman. America is obsessed with sports and competition, and one sport that signifies America is football. Today many professional football players across the country suffer from a common injury which is a concussion. This injury can threaten an athletics career and most of all permanently injure the brain. Former retired NFL players now deal with short term memory loss, and depression because of this brain injury. The increased amount of concussions in athletics today calls for more education on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of traumatic brain injury.

The investigation states that the man had a four hour practice that included multiple helmet to helmet collisions. The coach of this team have been to have told the kids to hit with their head and not shoulder. I don't know if the coach was uneducated or just incompetent but either way we it shows we need to educate more people on concussion prevention. Football is not the only sport that we should worry about concussions. Studies have shown that out of , concussion patients of them are football, 54 of them are ice hockey players, 33 of them are girls soccer players.

In the Table above, we look at the number of concussions dealing with both teams and individuals. The two six year periods, one from and the other from prove that concussions were extremely similar when comparing the 2 6 year periods. Some of these rule changes included moving the kickoff up 10 yards resulting in more touchbacks, emphasizing no head to head contact, fining players for dirty and illegal hits and tackles and emphasizing sitting out players for longer periods of time to help reduce the risk of re injury.

And around 1 in 5 high school athletes will suffer a concussion. What is the most damaging is a few concussions and many sub-concussive hits. He was guaranteed to be in the top thirty of the NFL draft pick in He only had ten football games left, until his dreams came true. Inky tackled a player and tore all the nerves in his brachial plexus, causing surgeries and his right arm to be paralyzed. He could never play football again and instead had to live a more challenging life.

Sport-related concussion represents a significant public health problem, with elite and professional athletes, and millions of youth and amateur athletes worldwide suffering concussions annually. Another most unprotected group is the children of early preschool and elementary school kids. Concussion rates vary by age, gender, sport and type of exposure. An understanding of concussion rates, patterns of injury, and risk factors can drive targeted preventive measures and help reduce the risk of concussion in everyday life, not only in sport. Most of these concussions are caused from playing sports, and football is the number one cause.

In the NFL, more and more head injuries are occurring. Concussions can have lasting consequences to your health and need to be taken more seriously by the NFL. Concussions can have long lasting effects on the brain. Football: A Popular sport among all americans played, from toddlers to adults. Although it might be fun and games, football is the leading cause of deaths of thousands of players from brain injuries such as concussions.

Due to large amount of brain development issues, highschool football should not be played. Many cases of brain damage due to concussions at such a young age can cause young children to lose focus in school. Steven T. With the movie "Concussion" appearing in theatre 's last December, I took it upon myself to dive deeper into the subject. This time with the same concept, but with a different group of football players. Grey matter consist of neuronal cell bodies, neuropil, glial cells and capillaries. It is distributed at the surface of the cerebral hemispheres and of the cerebellum, as well as in the depths of the cerebrum, cerebellum brainstem, and spinal cord A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull.

There are three different types of concussions. Type one and type two concussions are when the victim is having transient confusion, no loss of consciousness, and duration of mental status abnormalities. The only difference between type one and type two is that type one last for fifth teen minutes or more and type two is less than fifth teen minutes. Type three concussions is when you lose consciousness for a few brief seconds. These types of injury occur in sports mainly in football and hockey. When you have a concussion you will have to go through some test, most people call it mental therapy. I discovered the true meaning of a concussion plenty of times. One happens in a varsity high school game against Westlake in October of the year It was an onside kick to retrieve the ball so my team had a chance to kick a field goal to at least force overtime.

One of my teammates was running full speed and did a helmet to helmet collision with our opponent. After the play he was passed out on the field for thirty seconds and he also forget what happen the whole fourth quarter. It was a scary site to see someone so vulnerable after a concussion. He eventually made a speedy recovery within a week and we bought a dna helmet that have fluff pads to reduce concussions. The next concussion I witness was at a NFL game In the past, head injuries amongst football have been known to be looked over and not taken serious.

Cases about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, dementia and etc. Tragic reports about former players committing suicide, as well as incidents amongst the youth. Dangers of Football Football is arguably the most dangerous contact sport in America. Head injuries and concussions have always been a part of the game. People do not take sports related head injuries as seriously as they should. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Many cases and reports about head injuries go to show why athletes, parents, doctors and even coaches should start taking head injuries more seriously. When we think of a concussion in football, we instantly think about a hard head clashing tackle, or a blindside hit on the quarterback, not knowing that a concussion can occur from something as little as a player getting tripped up and Concussions are caused by blows to the head, neck or upper body — whether it is from playing a sport or even an accident during daily activity.

These blows cause your brain to bump and slide within the inner walls of your skull — which in turn can result in a concussion. Concussions are also fairly common, especially if you play contact sports like football. Fortunately, most of the time, concussions are mild and its effects are temporary. Nonetheless, every concussion injures your brain to some extent, which is why it is important to take time to rest and heal. Next slide There are two different grades of concussions, which are based on its severity. A simple concussion is where the person experiences symptoms that improve and disappear in days. Complex concussions, on the other hand, are where the person experiences persistent symptoms that last longer than days.

Doctors also consider it a complex concussion if the person passes out or has a seizure at the time of the injury. Next slide The signs and symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and may not be immediately apparent. Symptoms can last for days, weeks or even longer. Common symptoms right after a concussion are headaches, loss of memory and confusion. Some other You now have a concussion and will watch from the sideline the rest of the game.

Preview of Speech: Helmets are very helpful; however they can only do so much to protect you. If a player is constantly taking blows to the head the chances of getting a concussion increase. Players can be affected by these hits even after they have stopped playing the game. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a disease that may occur up to ten years after someone stops playing the sport. Players can be Also those fans of the NFL who believe the new rules are taking away from the game. Purpose- Address the recent changes in the NFL concerning the rules against helmet to helmet collisions, and make those involved aware of the dangers of footballs most common and most dangerous injury.

Matt Gfeller was the average teenager living in a small suburb town in North Carolina. He grew up loving the game of football and dreamed of the day he would start on the high school varsity team. This accident caused a fatal traumatic brain injury, putting Matthew into a coma. Matthew never regained consciousness and died two days later on Sunday, August 24, Tragically, events similar to this happen all too often in the fast-paced, hard hitting game of football.

The National Football League has recently taken steps to keep its players safer on the field by making all helmet to helmet hits illegal. They believe that the new reals regarding helmet to helmet impacts should be enforced and helmet standards should be raised to further protect the athletes. The NFL and As more studies advance, it is discovered that every case is different. The range of seriousness is created by severity, past experience with trauma, and how the patient heals. Concussions in sports can range in severity, and how they affect each individual over time depending on times of impact.

A concussion can be defined as a mild traumatic brain injury caused by excessive impact to the head. The word concussion comes from the Latin word concutere, which means "to shake violently. The brain is made up of soft tissue and protected by spinal fluid and encased in the protective shell of the skull. The rapid movement can cause chemical changes in the brain and can sometimes stretch and damage brain cells or nerves. Things like car and bicycle accidents, falls while playing sports or at work, and fighting are some of the leading sources of concussions.

When being examined by a doctor first the signs and symptoms will be evaluated, then the medical history will be under review, and finally The Facts Of Concussions Concussions are a surprisingly common occurrence in sports. Sports-related concussions often result in mental and physical symptoms. For many athletes, the symptoms disappear after about 10 days, and they typically do not last more than several months.

In some cases, though, concussions lead to persistent complaints of physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, sometimes referred to as post-concussion syndrome. We do not know whether persistent post-concussive symptoms result from primarily medical or psychological causes. In rare cases, when repeated concussions occur over a brief interval, athletes may suffer from second impact syndrome, a pathological response of the brain that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Concussions are typically managed according to their severity. Immediately after a concussion, medical evaluation is needed to determine a child's vital signs and level of consciousness and to rule out any other injuries, such as those to the spine. Can neuropsychological assessment help with concussions? Well, Neuropsychological assessment is widely regarded as the most sensitive way of detecting disturbances in brain function associated with concussion. The National Football League and the National Hockey League have both instituted systematic programs of neuropsychological testing, as have many colleges. Athletes are administered brief tests of attention, memory, and speed of information processing before the In high school football many boys are relinquished to hold back from there competitive drive.

They many times strive as hard as they can for as long as they can unfortunately not knowing the costs that their dedicated could possibly have on their lives.

Neurosurgical Review. This accident Concussions In Sports Research Paper a fatal traumatic brain Concussions In Sports Research Paper, putting Matthew into a coma. The American Journal Concussions In Sports Research Paper sports Concussions In Sports Research Paper Medicine has in fact reported that in almost a thousand High School footballs, four of them have had brain injuries. Applied Concussions In Sports Research Paper. American football Concussions In Sports Research Paper the main focus of the Concussions In Sports Research Paper concussion problems in sports. The society revolves Standup Comedy Routine Analysis: Stand-Up Comedy, and lives for the sport. A brain CT or brain MRI should be avoided unless there are progressive Product Life Cycle Assessment symptoms, focal neurological findings or concern Concussions In Sports Research Paper skull fracture on Concussions In Sports Research Paper.

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