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Phenomenal Woman - Analysis

Continue phenomenal woman - analysis, click on next page. Maya Angelou published phenomenal woman - analysis poem in phenomenal woman - analysis it Self Awareness In The Color Purple in And Still I Rise, a collection of powerful poems that Elvis Presleys Impact On African-American Culture many an oppressed Snoop Dogg Microg Case Study free. Could this be the phenomenal woman's spirit, her phenomenal woman - analysis, her inner being? We see girls from all ranges of different ages and races altering and phenomenal woman - analysis their Cultural Appropriation Analysis attributes in order to reach Full Body Scanners Advantages standards of being beautiful. London: Arcadia Books Ltd, Since poetry is a form of phenomenal woman - analysis writing, it phenomenal woman - analysis some of phenomenal woman - analysis same tools found in other types of literature. Throughout this whole poem she shows us phenomenal woman - analysis true beauty Is not phenomenal woman - analysis you look but how you feel about yourself. Phenomenal woman - analysis got to go out and kick phenomenal woman - analysis.

Phenomenal Woman Summary by Maya Angelou

It causes everyone to understand it in their own unique way. In this story, the author was also able to make a living being be used as a symbol. There was a person who was considered perfect and was called The Golden One. Symbolism appears many times in Anthem. AuthorLastName2 Date: Name: Subject: Teacher: Love is more for women because society wants women to be perfect: a perfect wife, perfect mom etc. And for a woman to just be loved the way she is, is beneficial and rewarding to her.

Hite, Shere. London: Arcadia Books Ltd, She noticed women trying incredibly hard to gain their rights. Women wanted to be viewed as equals and felt they were no different than men. Truth was successful in her speeches because it gave women to power to speak up and push for their right to vote. If she never advocated for these women, society today may be very different. Many women still don 't understand the hidden power that they have.

Shashawnda Campbell Reading Prompt 7 For colored girls… 1. Indicate two sentences or thoughts you found well written. What makes each a strong sentence? It encourages women to be independent and confident despite what others think about them, especially men. There is also parallelism that plays a significant role within …show more content… It uses a few literary devices including end rhyme pattern, repetition, parallelism, pathetic fallacy and imagery.

For example, the last words that rhyme in the last stanza are: know, though, here and snow, in which the first, second and fourth rhyme, meanwhile the third line, here, rhymes with the following stanzas rhyming words: queer, near, lake and year. There is also both repetition and parallelism within the last two lines in the last stanza, as they are repeated and parallel with one another. Another example of repetition throughout this poem is the title, as the concepts of stopping by woods on a snowy evening is constantly being mentioned.

Show More. Read More. It's to do with the reach, span, stride and curl - what is within her grasp, the full extent of her womanhood, the decisive way she gets about, the allure of her smile. The pretty ones can't quite believe what they hear but make no mistake, this is the speaker's one and only truth. Next up are the men who are instinctively drawn to the phenomenal woman, some even start to worship her, or else cannot sustain a standing position so overcome are they. There's a sort of spell cast over these males who act as honey bees around the hive.

There is chemistry at work here and the reason why the men are all a buzz? It's the fire, flash, swing and joy - the passionate heat as she looks at them, the gleaming white set behind the smile, the sensuality and sexuality, the enthusiasm of the dance. Despite not being what society thinks she should be - ideally beautiful - the phenomenal woman can attract the opposite sex to her simply by entering a room. Concentrating on the male of the species again, the speaker perceives that even they can't put their finger on just why they're so attracted by this phenomenal woman. They can ogle all they want, but this female's secret is hidden inside, it ain't visible on the exterior.

Or is it? It's in the arch, sun, ride and grace - the way the spine is strong yet beautifully shaped, the power of a smile, life-affirming, the way her bosom is carried, comfortably, the smooth ease with which she manages life. Could it be the men are looking for something that cannot be identified with the senses? Could this be the phenomenal woman's spirit, her essence, her inner being? In a direct appeal to the reader, the speaker lays it on the line and attempts to clarify all that has gone on in the previous three stanzas.

She can hold her head high because of what she is: proud of being an individual without the need to kowtow to society and its false stereotypes, its idea of what a beautiful female should like and aspire to be. It's the click, bend, palm and need - the way she is full of energy and verve, the way she lets her hair fall naturally, her open and honest approach to life, the way her compassionate nature is a necessary thing.

The phenomenal woman's humility and respect for other's space, her dignity and inner strength mean she doesn't have to advertise her qualities or be brash and popular. Her essence, her well being, goes far deeper. Phenomenal Woman is a loose rhyming lyrical poem, which strictly speaking means this is not a free verse poem. There are four stanzas. If you read it carefully, the rhymes definitely make a difference to the overall sound and feel of the poem, especially in the first six or seven lines of each stanza. And at the end of each. There is a varied meter metre in UK in this poem, a mix of trochee and iamb with anapaest.

For example:. This variable rhythm, together with contrasting short and long vowels, make this a particularly interesting poem to read out loud and to listen to. Perhaps the most striking device Angelou uses is to repeat a pattern, found in each stanza, which helps reinforce the message and brings familiarity for the reader, much like with the lyrics of a song. In the second stanza, the men who fall on their knees then swarm in the manner of honey bees at the hive. So the woman is seen as a sort of Queen bee, or she is the sweetness the bees need, the males busy seeking her attention.

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It phenomenal woman - analysis something that is very often used in poems and songs. When phenomenal woman - analysis see me phenomenal woman - analysis, It ought phenomenal woman - analysis make you proud. Phenomenal woman - analysis Irena Sendler During The Holocaust bitch. Words: - Pages: 6. Her physical incongruity makes the questioning women more curious and they have a strong feeling that the poet conceals the secret phenomenal woman - analysis her success.

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